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Welcome on the website Io Amo Bio!

In the site, you can find a great amount of products going from food to home cleaners, to biocosmetics and natural remedies, everything in function to a "healing" global vision, made so that you can heal every aspect of your daily routine.

Surfing through the categories on the right, you can see the different products.

Category I care a lot of is the one concerning the products branded Io Amo Bio that currently sees few essential references but i'm counting to expand soon.

I apologize if many products of the site don't present the description but I'm working and soon I'll insert them.

In the meantime, next to the photo of each product, you can find the specifications that will guide you in the purchase, such as the Organic logo (leaf green) in the case of certified organic products and "Pugliese product" logo in case of a product of my beloved Puglia.

I also selected some products that are not really organic, but by making use and consumption personally and therefore having tested the goodness, it seemed a shame to exclude them. Alongside these products the organic logo (green leaf) won't be shown.

If you have any doubts, you can e-mail me and I'll clarify any uncertainty.

What else to say... thank you for taking the time to read me.

Happy surfing!



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